xyzon brings popular astrophysics to the Eindhoven, Brainport region in the Netherlands. xyzon provides a variety of popular astrophysics activities on location, like lectures, guest classes and workshops. These activities are educational by nature and are suited for groups without foreknowledge.

Astrophysics is the science which deals with everything outside the Earths atmosphere: the physics of everything in space. Popular astrophysics translates this science to a simpler form, so it can be comprehensible without knowledge of mathemathics and physics.

About xyzon

My name is Jip Lambermont; I am the face behind xyzon. I have studied astrophysics at the University of Utrecht for 3 years. When my oldest was born I interrupted my astrophysics education to be a full time mother. Since my kids went to school I started doing more and more volunteer work for the Eindhoven Observatory and other astrophysics and nature education projects at schools.

To expand popular astrophysics activities further I started xyzon in August 2011. The activities of xyzon focus on how things work; the physics in outer space. No hard to remember numbers or facts, but insight in how it works.

Publications and projects: